Paints and varnishes

by tarzan, Wednesday February 11th, 2015
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Give life to your walls, choose one of the many nuances that we offer, paint your room and give them a new look. Computer white paint are with superior quality, impact resistant, environmentally friendly and safe to human health.


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01Emajl varnish

is used for protection and decoration of metal surfaces and is intended for internal and external use. Apply with a brush or roller in one or two layers. Next layer is applied after 12 hours.


varnish for boats

colorless gloss varnish made ​​based on high quality synthetic resin. Used for final varnishing the wooden interior and exterior surfaces


Nitro Emajl varnish

intended to protect the wood and metal surfaces. Advantage is fast drying, hardness and elasticity. First applied Nitro main color and after that Nitro enamel

acetatTekasil acetate Profi

elastic silicone mixture used for soldering aluminum and glass ceramics.


Tekasil spray

provides good sound and thermal insulation.

penaPoor foam

is attached with moisture from the air. Time of fixation is 1.5-5h., And after 10 minutes is not sticky.


Duropal main color

Basic anti-corrosion coating for protection and decoration of various metal surfaces. It’s applied on two surfaces previously cleared. It protects metal from corrosion and external influences



Duropal emajl polish

Completed coating for decoration and protection of metal surfaces in the outdoor and internal environment. It is applied on previous inflicted basic color and with that increases the protection of the metal and improves the aesthetic appearance.


Duropal nitro

It is intended for dilution nitro varnish, and washing tools. Used dilution Duropal basic color Duropal enamel lacquer, varnish and basic Duropal Duropal to boil layer.


Bekament BK – Pol

Dispersive color is produced on the basis of high quality acrylic emulsion designed for internal staining the walls with great power roof.