lightweight blocks

by tarzan, Wednesday February 11th, 2015
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We represented lightweight blocks of brand tape produced in the factory of YTONG – Greece. Lightweight blocks towering over traditional blocks have many advantages:

  • light weight – 2 times lighter than traditional construction, this is due to the structure of the lightweight blocks, where only 20% of the volume represents a full table, the remaining 80% is due to pores which are lightweight blocks and high thermal insulation
  • thermal insulation – is known that stationary air is air imprisoned in small cells is the largest insulator, and the composition of lightweight concrete blocks gas from which 20% is the full table the remaining 80% are pores that make lightweight blocks 9 times better insulators of concrete, 3.5 times better insulators of ceramic bricks and 3 times better insulator than brick.
  • sound insulation – this feature makes them ideal for lightweight block partition walls, as an example partition wall thickness of 15 cm provides sound insulation of Rw = 41 dB which meets the most stringent criteria for partition walls.
  • semi missed- about 5 times that of ordinary mortar why the wall breathe and absorb excess moisture in the room and otherwise.
  • toughness – resistance classes B2.5 and B5 which enable it to be used as a structural material for costumes walls.
  • easy handling – lightweight blocks can be cut, forged and glued. On same place, blocks can accommodate the most basic tools as required by the situation. In can be make a holes in the blocks and can be open .

The main dimensions of the blocks is with a length of 60 cm and height 25 cm. These dimensions are the same for all blocks. Variable only its thickness in the range of 5 to 25 cm. Masonry of 1m2 always need 6.67 blocks, independent of obesity. Revenge for smaller building blocks are suitable for small ventures such as the brickwork of bars, tubs, etc. stand.


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